Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Vacation Lifestyle, Redefined

I have been spending the last few months redefining my businesses, my life, and really focusing on what I want.  I have truly realized I don't want a "4 hour work week" or to retire by 50 (I'm already 46, so that is the next big number :),  I want to truly live the vacation lifestyle I've been creating.  So what does that mean, that I stop working?  Absolutely not.  It is doing the work I enjoy so much I never want to stop.  It is truly living the quote, "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life".  That is A Vacation Lifestyle.

My personal Vacation Lifestyle also includes that income that allows financial freedom to go and do what I truly desire with my family.  (Still working on achieving that one..but getting MUCH closer)

So if you are a person that would go completely NUTS retired, consider my version... work to achieve something you love doing so much you don't want to stop, ever!  My 2 things . . . traveling with those I love and teaching.  I hope I am doing both until I die.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Living in Reality...or Not!

I want to take some time out today to talk about a subject is bothering me - Reality.  I was reading a network marketing book and she kept saying to come back to "Planet Reality" in the book.  Like what I am not living now is real?  Or that maybe my aspirations are not real? 

Don't get me wrong, I know reality.  I know I am middle aged woman with a family and that reality is not changing any time soon... but what about the rest?  What about my dreams?  Are they less than real because they are big dreams, big aspirations, and wanting to create a new lifestyle reality for me and my family?

Why do we tell children they can do anything they dream of if they put their heart and mind into; then tell adults to come back to reality?  I would think that our dreams are actually a little bit more achievable because I have 4 decades of experience behind me to know what I can do and what I can't.

I know I don't need my dreams placed on "Planet Reality"... considering the fact that probably 1/2 my life is over - I would say this is time to dump 'reality' and shoot for the stars!  What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 Days in the Southern Caribbean

Governor's Beach on Grand Turk

You know that big 'FREEZE' that the North and Mid-Atlantic had at the beginning of January... I missed it!  Yep.  Another year of great planning on my part where I conveniently scheduled our vacation south during the coldest part of the year.  Not sure how I keep doing that, except for maybe my body knows I hate the cold and is subconsciously connected to the Farmers Almanac.

We actually left one day early to drive for Florida since it was calling for sleet in our area the day we were scheduled to leave.  It must have been cold up North, because it was in the 40s in St. Augustine, FL where we stopped to explore on our 2nd day of travels.

Yes, they have a walking towel animal!

As pipes froze up North (and even in our area of VA Beach!) we were sailing the Caribbean and exploring Aruba, Grand Turk, Caracao, and Dominican Republic.  Aruba had the best snorkeling I have ever experienced, it was literally like swimming in an aquarium with hundreds of different types of fish!

Huge sea stars off of Dominican Republic
The Carnival Breeze was better than expected with great customer service and fun social areas.  We even splurged for a week of spa access and had a huge cabin.  I will include just a few pictures on here, but be posting more about our trip soon!

My beautiful daughter off of the Dominican Republic

Aruba from the Carnival Breeze

Curacao in front of the ship

Handsome Husband relaxing on the ship

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ring Out the Old and Ring In the New

Ever have those life changing years; the ones you look back on and think "things will never be the same again!"  Those changes can be good or bad, but let's face it - change always happens and it is what we make of those changes that is important.

2013 was definitely a year of 'letting go' of some old junk, old houses, and starting fresh.  It was also a year of "enough is ENOUGH" and refusing to no longer just let things happen and fall where they may.  It has been a year of turning things around and heading in the right direction... but 2014 is WHERE I am going and plan to take things by storm!

I know there are others like this, ready for a change but not sure how.  Who want to once again control their own lives, live their dreams, and truly TAKE ACTION; after all, that is where it is at...not the dreams, but the action!

I hope others will join me on this exciting journey in 2014...we will see at the end of the year who took action or who just dreamed.......